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Princess for a day

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Diva for a lifetime.

Every year for my son (and now my daughter), I always try to come up with creative photo ideas for their birthday invitations.

My daughter, being the girly girl she is, and her love of all things pink, purple, and princess-y, wanted a Disney Princess birthday party.

I wanted something with a throne, but I didn't just want her sitting there looking all regal and proper. I wanted her personality to show.

I first needed a setting. I searched and scoured the internet for ideas. I found a great background, and it was free to use on by a great digital artist known as IndigoDeep.

Setup for my little princess was 2 lights. One AD200 set to 1/16th power behind a 33" shoot-thru umbrella to provide main lighting, and a bare speedlight to camera left at 1/32nd power, slightly behind her to add a splash of light to the back of her head. A white piece of foam core behind her chair so it was a little easier to cut her out later on.

For my son, I simply used an LED flashlight shining on his face. Easy peasy. My daughter was shot with the Fuji X-H1 and 56mm f/1.2 lens while my son was shot with the X-Pro 2 and 35mm f/2 lens.

Many layers later, after adding animals, fairies, etc. The finished product which she loved.


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