I never know what to say when asked to describe myself.

Self-taught. Husband. Father of two. Youngest of four growing up. Lover of shadows, black and white, and dark and moody images. Multi-published. Just a guy chasing the light.

My wife would describe me as completely random, but never boring. I'd describe myself as an introverted photographer. Such a thing exists. You're looking at him. ;)

My days are spent in the technical field of I.T. My nights and weekends are spent with my family, sprinkled with a bit of photography here and there.

I still have a few Canon AE-1 film cameras sitting on the shelf, but I began my digital photography journey with Canon DSLRs back in 2007. A few years ago I switched and started shooting with Fujifilm's X-series camera system.


I work with both natural and artificial lighting.

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