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Welcome to Virtual Learning

Your teacher will be right with you after her morning "juice box".

Were you part of the screams heard 'round the world when the powers that be decided to have full virtual learning this school year? I screamed like a little girl...

Then cried...

year after year, our schedule was the same.

  1. Get kids ready.

  2. Take them to daycare.

  3. The daycare buses them to school in the mornings.

  4. The daycare picks them up from school in the afternoon, and ferries them back to daycare.

  5. We pick them up after we get off work.

This year, our schedule is like so:

  1. Wake up and cry...

  2. Wine.

  3. Get kids ready.

  4. Get kids dressed... because the schools do not want them taking virtual learning with pajamas on...

  5. Log into their Chromebooks for attendance every morning by 8:15AM.

  6. Wine.

  7. Pay attention to the times, so the kids stay on track, doing their assignments, as well as making sure they are signed in for the multiple live video meetings with the teacher and classmates.

  8. Wine.

  9. Attempt to get some work done since our bosses kindly allowed us to work from home a few days during the week (I get Tuesdays, my poor wife is here with them Monday, Thursday, and Fridays).

Yeah, it's like that.

So like most proud parents, we snap a few photos of our kids on their first day of school each year. This year, being different, the photo needed to be different. Of course I totally forgot about the first day of school pics until the first day of school. I scrambled to put something together that was different, yet meshed with how 2020 has been so far. So we woke up the kids, and before they had to sign in for attendance, I got them to sit at their new desk (the kitchen table) for a quick snapshot. I got my wife to put on a bath robe for added effect. She was drinking cranberry juice, but for all intents and purposes, it could have been wine.

Happy virtual learning everyone! "May the odds be ever in your favor."


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