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Fujifilm Print Life exhibit in NY

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Some time ago, Fujfilm advertised a contest of sorts, to win one of 20 instax printers. That's fine and dandy, I can go buy one for around $100 if I wanted one. I just might actually... they look like fun.

However, the part that intrigued me is that, in addition to the contest, they were sponsoring an exhibit at Grand Central Station in New York where photos you submit to their contest could potentially be on display for all to see.

Of course I wanted in on that.

The limit was 10 photographs. I submitted 8. The deadline was August 31, 2018. A few weeks went by, and I sort of forgot about it (much like I can't remember what I ate for breakfast most days). I came home one day to see a big pile of mail on my steps. I went to investigate and was pleasantly surprised to find several Fuji envelopes.

Inside each envelope was a printed 8" x 8" of the photos I submitted. That was very nice of Fuji to send me a print of each photograph. I figured by receiving these, it was a consolation prize. a "sorry, we didn't pick your photos, but here's a print of each one for your troubles" sort of thing.

Only 7 shown.. no clue where I left the 8th photo It was the "Country Bum" photo.

The exhibit took place from October 17th through the 20th. On instagram, I followed @wonderphotoshopnyc who seemed to be the company in charge of setting the exhibit up (which, from chatting with the nice people through instagram, said it took nearly a month to complete!). They were regularly adding video clips to their story with walk-throughs down all of the seemingly endless aisles of photos on display (13,600 photos if I recall).

I messaged them asking if perhaps they knew whether or not I had a photo or two on display. They were quick to respond!

They sent me some snapshots of my photos on display... all 8 I submitted! I was thrilled. Then during one of their video walkthroughs, my eagle-eyes spotted them. :)

7 out of 8. the 8th one (boxing) is to the right of the top circled photo that didn't get in the frame.

So yes, my 8 photos may have been a very small percentage of the 13,500 total photos, but it's still thrilling to know that they were on display in a prominent area that has a lot of foot traffic and potential to be viewed. It would have been amazing to have actually been there to see not only my photos, but all of the other photos on display, but it was nice to catch a fleeting glimpse through social media.

Take a look at the video. My images show up 54 seconds in and in the corner shot at 2:57. :)


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